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The BlackHawk CQB/Rigger's Belt is MIL-STD-858 certified and built with parachute grade buckles and adapters. The webbing is 1.75", Type 13 (7000 lb. tensile strength) and Type 12 liner for the abrasion buffer.

The BlcakHawk CQB/Rescue Rigger Belt is sewn on a Class 7 machine using #5 nylon thread for maximum strength.

CQB/Rigger's Belt by BlackHawk Features:
• Fits issued BDUs
• BHI spec hardware and webbing
• MIL-STD-858 with parachute grade buckles and adapters
• 1.75" webbing (7,000 lb tensile strength)
• Hook and loop secures running end
• Durable and guaranteed for life
• Select from three sizes
• Colors: Black, Coyote Tan, Olive Drab & Desert Sand Brown

CQB/Rigger's Belt by BlackHawk Sizes:
• Small: Up to 34" waist
• Regular: Up to 41" waist
• Large: 41" to 51" waist