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Due to the increase in demand some orders will take longer than normal processing times. Orders with embroidery, printing and customization may take up to 2 weeks to ship. Thank you for your patience.

Sally's Cop Shop


Why Do You Require My Email Address to Make a Purchase?
Sally’s Cop Shop uses your email address as the unique identifier for your online account. We respect your privacy and will not provide any personal information to others, nor will we send you unsolicited emails. (During the account creation process, you have the option to either be added to our email list or to opt out. To view the full privacy policy, click here.
Why are Certain Items Restricted?
Due to the nature of the products that we carry, certain items are only available to the law enforcement and military communities. Restricted items are designated as such based on:
1) State and/or federal regulations
2) Contractual agreements with product manufacturers
3) Internal decisions to safeguard that potentially lethal items are not sold to the bad guys 
How Do I Purchase Restricted Items?
In order to purchase restricted items, you must be a member of a law enforcement agency, government agency or military unit. Sally’s Cop Shop only ships restricted items to approved agencies which you will be able to select during the checkout process by adding your agency email for verification.
What items are not restricted and can be shipped directly to my home?
Badge cases, lapel pins, any glassware and BDU’s pants or shirts.
Which products are restricted to Law Enforcement?
Any clothing that has a badge on it or lettering on it that will identify a person as law enforcement.  This includes hats, jackets, t-shirts, or sweats.  The patches are also restricted to law enforcement only.
If I am with a Law Enforcement Agency and want to buy an item with another Law Enforcement Agency’s logo on it, can I do so?
No, we have strict guidelines from each agency.  We can only sell items from the agency for which you work for.
What is the easiest way to have my employment verified and my order processed quickly?
When placing your order, have the item shipped to your work address and use your government email address in your order?  If we see both of these we will process your order right away.
Can I ship restricted items to my home?
Yes, we will ship it to your home, if you use your government email address in your order.  A confirmation email will be sent to that government email address.  This will be our verification that you are employed by the agency for which you placed an order for.
How quickly will my order be shipped?
Once verification is made, it should ship in 1-3 working days.  Ground service may take up to 5 working days for delivery.
Do you ship out of the US?
We will only ship to American Embassies overseas.  We also ship to US territories, such as Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Guam.