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  • Product Code: 7320
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The Bianchi Accumold 7320 Triple Threat II Group 2 is a robust magazine pouch and the ultimate companion for anyone looking for a discreet and robust way to transport ammunition. It features two separate storage sections with easy access to grab munitions in the field or survival situations.

The Bianchi Accumold 7320 Triple Threat II Group 2 is made of reinforced material and low friction interior surfaces to protect magazines. The pouch is suitable for a vast range of ammunition types and is compatible with Springfield, Sigarms, S&W, Ruger, H&K, Glock, Browning, and Beretta.

The pouch is finished in black and complements practically any other kit you might be wearing. The thick trilaminate material and press-studded fastening bolts mean that this piece of kit will be with you for many seasons to come. It features an injection-molded belt loop that allows you to carry it both vertically and horizontally.

  • Suitable for a broad range of magazines from a variety of vendors, including Glock, Browning, and Beretta
  • Two pouches for magazine storage
  • Horizontal and vertical carry options
  • Heavy-duty trilaminate material with press-studded fittings

Category AccuMold Duty Accessories
Model Triple imageThreat II Magazine Pouch
Finish/Color Black
Size 02

BERETTA - 92F, 96F, 92/96F Centurion, 8000/8040 Cougar, 9000S Type F, 92FS/96 Vertec


GLOCK - 17, 19, 22, 23

H&K - P7-M13, P2000-V2, P2000SK

RUGER - P89, P91, P94, P95

S&W - 411, Sigma SW40F, SW99, M&P .40

SIGARMS - P226, P228, P229, SP2009, SP2340